Thursday, 22 July 2010

That Loving Feeling

When I look at my photos, I feel endless love pouring out of them.

It is the love that adores and cherishes me always; the love that sees me as perfect at all times; the love that accepts who I am being without judgment; the love that wants me to be happy and makes me happy; the love that gives me comfort; the love that provides all that I need; the love that supports everything I do; the love that nourishes me; the love that inspires me; the love that is my constant companion, confidant, friend, guide, healer, lover, muse, parent, partner, playmate, provider and teacher; the love that nourishes me; the love that is my life; the love that is my infinite source; the love that is consistent, persistent and never fails.

I am truly the love I seek.

I'm really grateful to my friend for taking my photos.


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