Monday, 26 July 2010


I have no interest in promoting a cause, lifestyle, philosophy, religion, saviour or teacher; I'm only interested in Self-promotion.

By Self, I am referring to the One Intelligence, Life, Light, Love, Power, Source, Spirit and Substance in all

I promote the Self by focusing on Self and sharing my personal experiences of Self in my every day life.

Stories I share also promote the attributes of Self as they are being revealed to me as follows:

the abundance of Self;
the beauty of Self;
the blissfulness of Self;
the boundlessness of Self;
the freedom of Self;
the fulness of Self;
the goodness of Self;
the indivisibility of Self;
the infinitude of Self;
the ingenuity of Self;
the joy of Self;
the majesty of Self;
the omnipotence of Self;
the omniscience of Self;
the omnipresence of Self;
the perfection of Self;
the radiance of Self;
the simplicity of Self;
the singularity of Self;
the steadfastness of Self;
the timelessness of Self;
the totality of Self;
the wealth of Self;
the wonder of Self;

and so much more.

My life's purpose is all about magnifying the Self and Self-promotion. Nothing else matters.


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