Monday, 19 July 2010

The Provider

In a society where people are expected to play different roles, men are usually expected to be providers while women are expected to be care takers. Thus, the man goes to work to provide for his family, while his wife looks after the home and children.

Although I wasn't raised in a traditional "nuclear family" environment, as my parents split up when I was four, my mother and my two brothers and I lived in an extended family with my uncle (my mother's older brother) and his family. My uncle (who has now passed away) was my father-figure and went out to work to provide for the family; while his wife looked after us kids.

Almost every morning around 5 am, my uncle would gather the family round for prayer. As I had to be up early anyway for school, which started at 7.45 am, I resented waking up that early to listen to my uncle "rant and rave" or to recite prayers in rote fashion. There were many mornings when I refused to get up and I got punished; but I didn't care as it meant I had another hour's sleep. After a while, my uncle realised he couldn't "break me" so he just let me sleep and I would join them when I felt like it.

It was only years later that I realised the purpose of those prayer meetings. My uncle already provided the money needed to nourish our physical bodies; prayer was his way of providing nourishment for our souls; though his way wasn't my cup of tea.

In a world where we are constantly being bombarded with false beliefs and images of lack, limitation, imperfection, and scarcity, I believe it's very important to be nourished with Truth, as I see it anyway. So now every day when I wake up I nourish myself with affirmations of Love's omnipresence. I remind myself that regardless of appearances there is only completion, fulfilment, perfection and wholeness; which then translates into the equivalent human experience.

I also visualise White Light, the real Provider of all needs, pouring through my crown to all parts of my body then spilling out into the world and beyond.

Thank you to the Infinite Provider that is Light for expressing through my uncle.

Thank you, uncle, for providing for my wellbeing and for teaching me about the importance of mental nourishment, though I didn't appreciate it at the time. I have a feeling wherever you are, you are smiling "down" at me.


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