Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The Personal Touch

It's good to know that there are all these well-meaning people out there who are sharing their knowledge and expertise on the Web which can be found on various search engines. The only snag with the Internet that it can be a tad impersonal.

Two days ago my mother and I discussed horses' temperaments and how they can be easily startled over nothing. Given their temperament, mum wondered how people used to go to battle on horse back. I thought it was a good question. I said maybe a lot of the fighters got thrown off their horses. I had it in mind to research it on Google the next day.

The next day I was so busy with other stuff, I forgot about the research. One thing that kept popping in my head though was how much I would love some doughnuts. I figured I'd walk to a particular supermarket, which would mean taking a slight detour from my route home. Then I changed my mind and decided to go to the supermarket which was closest and most convenient for me. The supermarket had none left, which was very strange. So I ended up walking to the other supermarket I'd thought of earlier. On the way, I noticed a stationary mounted police officer, which reminded me of plan to research horses. I thought why bother doing all that hard research when I can ask the police officer? I crossed over the road and posed my question to him.

The officer said in those days horses behaved more like herds and followed other animals anyway so they all ran in the same direction and the battles would be fought as they were running. Horses were also very cheap and dispensable and could easily be replaced. He said nowadays because horses are trained to deal with people and traffic, they are not easily startled as ones in the countryside. As I was chatting to him, I patted his horse, which had a white with tiny black speckles coat. The officer said she recently had a baby. Other people walking by stopped to take photographs of the horse and she didn't seem to mind; she was lapping up all the attention. Then I thanked the officer and said goodbye to him and his horse.

Although the officer had only given me his opinion, I liked that I was able to chat to him and stroke his horse. No search engine can ever give me that personal touch.

Of course when I went to the supermarket, they had lots of doughnuts in stock.

Thank you, Universe, for meeting both my needs.


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