Saturday, 10 July 2010

My Friend, Archie

As I was resting on a park bench, I noticed a dog I met at the same park a week ago. As soon as he saw me he headed in my direction. He rested his head between my legs for me to stroke his head. Then I noticed a ball underneath the bench. When I picked it up I felt saliva all over it. It was obviously his ball. He motioned for me to throw the ball and I did. My friend went to fetch the ball and brought it back. By then, the ball had picked up more dirt and slobber, which he dropped on my lap.

"Oh no, you're getting my trousers filthy!" I said.

"Archie, come over here!" his human friend said. "If he's getting on your nerves just tell him to go away."

"It's OK, I've met Archie before," I said. "The last time he was with a woman."

"She's on holidays at the moment," he said. "I'm looking after him."

I threw Archie's ball and he ran off to pick it up. Then he ran to his friend to play. After a few minutes, he was back for more strokes and for me to toss his slimy ball.

I had a feeling our game could go on forever so I told Archie I was leaving. On the way out, I noticed Archie had attracted two new playmates - a man and his son.

Thanks, Archie, for showing me that there's a lot of fun to be had in every moment, even if I had to get your saliva all over me.


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