Sunday, 18 July 2010

Law of Attraction - Debunked

A friend once "accused" me of doing the "Law of Attraction" (LOA) on him so I could pull him. I told him I don't do LOA; I don't have to, things just happen.

Given that I've shared lots of experiences about how my thoughts, feelings and beliefs "attract" similar experiences, surely those demonstrate that I do practise LOA. It might appear to be LOA but in truth, there is no LOA.

LOA states that if I do such and such or hold such and such a belief I will then attract an experience. This suggests that I do not have the experience in the first place that's why I need to do something to magnetise the experience to me.

I believe that trying to attract or magnetise an experiences shows a lack of understanding of the nature of Reality. As I see it, only One exists. The One is the sum total of all beings, all experiences, all expressions, all realities forever joined and moving together as one for all time. Nothing can separate any of us; in fact, it is impossible to be separated as we are one for all time.

I believe the air that we all breathe, which is everywhere present, is a perfect analogy of the One. How can air attract more air when air is all there is?

I, therefore, cannot attract something that is already part of me. The belief that we need to work together to achieve unity consciousness is a delusion; we are already joined. The belief that we were ever disconnected is another delusion; we are joined for all time.

If we are all joined, how then do we create? The first step is recognising that all experiences already exist as the One, just like air contains the gases nitrogen, oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide. The next step is focusing on what you want to experience. When I put out an intention that I want to have a particular experience, my focus brings that experience to my conscious awareness. The more attention I give it, the more it is magnified in my awareness, and before you know it I am having the experience for real.

When I no longer have the desire for the experience, or stop giving it my attention, it ceases to exist in my awareness. While the experience appears to have dissolved from my experience, it doesn't mean I'm no longer joined with it; we are still joined for all time because that's the nature of oneness.

While I was pondering on these ideas, I was actually in town waiting for my bus home, which was taking ages to arrive. I had a thought that there had to be a very good reason for the delay. When it finally arrived, it was packed full. I could easily have caught the one behind, which I knew would be empty, but I opted for the one in front. I did manage to find a seat though.

During the journey, this young Asian woman sat in front of me to my right. (In the UK "Asian" refers to people of Indian Sub-continent origin). She had huge hazel eyes that were really stunning. Although I'd never met her before, I thought there was something familiar about her. As if she'd picked up on my thoughts, she stared right back at me. Then I noticed her black t-shirt had the word "AIR" printed in gold. Aha, no wonder she looked so familiar!

Another man got on and sat directly opposite me. He was reading a book called "Swimming Lessons." I wondered whether it was about swimming lessons or a book of fiction with the title "Swimming Lessons." I thought that if you're not very good at swimming, you'll be gasping for air. I was really having fun making connections. The man seemed to find the book amusing and on two occasions laughed out loud. I asked him what the book was about. He said it was an anthology of short stories about the Parsis, a religion in India. He said the stories were quite funny. I asked him why it was called "swimming lessons" and he said it was named after one of the stories.

At some point during the journey another man got on. He really stood out for me because he seemed really happy. His face was glowing. He sat on my left. Later I heard him asking a passenger about a road and she told him he wasn't there yet. When the woman got off I had a thought that maybe I could help him. A few minutes later, the man turned to me and asked me if I knew where Cazenove Road was. I told him I did.

A few days before when I noticed that road, I thought to myself that I bet you one of these days someone is going to ask me if I know where that road is. My prediction had come true.

"The reason why I know that road," I said to the man, "is because it reminds me of the actor, Christopher Cazenove. Do you remember him?"

"Oh yes! Didn't he used to play villains?" he said

"Yes, something like that," I chuckled. "I'll let you know when to get off."

"Oh, that is such good news!" he smiled.

As my friend was getting off at the stop he said, "If I see Christopher Cazenove, I'll pass on your regards."

"You do that!" I said. (I've since discovered the actor passed away in April of this year).

I knew there was a very good reason why my bus was delayed and why I chose to travel on that bus!

When I got off the bus and was walking home, which takes about 15 minutes, I started feeling really high. I thought to myself that I was so happy I could kiss and hug everyone. I imagined myself sending hugs and kisses to the entire universe. A few minutes later I noticed this limousine parked outside a fast food restaurant and there were about 15 young women, dressed in pink, standing around the car dancing to music. I guessed they were out on a hen night. As soon as one of the girls saw me she ran over and gave me a kiss and a big hug. I thought my friend was as high as I was; but hers was on alcohol. I asked who was getting married and she pointed to the girl in the middle with the white veil who waved at me. I waved back and wished her well. Then I said goodbye to my friends.

As long as I keep believing there's space between me and whatever I want to experience, as long as I keep believing in separation, then LOA will continue to be relevant as it's a Law of trying to connect you with your good by thinking or doing. When I accept that all experiences already exist and I'm already joined with them, I am no longer doing LOA but simply focusing on what I want to experience and letting the One take care of the details. That's why during my bus journey, the relevant experiences manifested from the One when I needed them and dissolved back into the One when their purpose had been served; though, of course, we are joined for all time.

I don't need to do Law of Attraction as I am already one with all that I seek.


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