Friday, 9 July 2010

Infinite Energy

My Soul is Living Light that contains limitless energy, which can never be depleted. To tap into that vast resource, all I have to do is ask for help and Soul gives me the energy I need.

So I decided to go to the local Art Centre to chill and read my newspaper. Then I fell asleep. It was such a sweet sleep I was tempted to lie down on the sofa but I knew that wouldn't go down too well. I felt irritable as I was dying to have more sleep and the thought of travelling home just made me more irritable and tired. My eyesight was also blurry.

I asked for Energy to clear my vision and to take me home. As I also had an errand to run for my mother later, I asked for Energy to help with the task.

I was now wide awake and alert. I walked part of the way and decided to catch the bus the rest of the journey. At the bus, the notice read that my bus was due in 10 minutes. I didn' t fancy waiting for that long so I asked the Energy to speed things up. My bus arrived a lot sooner.

At one point during the bus journey the roads were blocked. The driver announced that there had been an accident and he was being instructed to take a diversion. He said he didn't have a clue where that road led to. For a few minutes he just sat there without moving which annoyed remaining passengers on the bus. I suggested to the driver that if he follows the route his superior has suggested, we will find our way from there. He started the engine and turned left. At the next junction, he asked another driver to direct him. We were soon back on track. The driver said he was so relieved. He said it can be tough on drivers when they're expected to divert at such short notice when they have no idea where they're going. I knew everything was working perfectly as I'd already received the Energy for it. Everyone was happy to get to their destination.

After doing the shopping, I found the bags were a tad heavy. I remembered that I already had all the Energy I need to carry them and my 15 minute walk home was effortless.

I have all the energy I will ever need within me now. All I need to do is ask.


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