Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Diary Management

I'd arrange to spend time with a friend but he hadn't got back to me. When I called him he said he was still waiting on someone else to confirm a meeting then he would let me know when we could meet up. I decide it was best to reschedule to another day that was suitable for both of us.

On my way home later, I decided to catch the bus part of the way. At the bus stop the computerised bus timetable read that my bus was the fifth one due. I thought to myself, if we shift meetings around, I can surely shift these buses around? So in thought I imagined myself moving bus no. 5 to position no. 1. It was rather like using a computer mouse to move files from one folder to another. The bus position instantly changed from 5 to no. 2 and said it was one minute behind the bus in position 1. After a moment my bus was relegated to position no. 4. In thought I moved it back to no. 1. Long story short, my bus was the second to arrive just a few seconds behind the first bus.

The Universe is a diary of continuous meetings. If you don't like when something is happening, rearrange the meeting to a time that works for you and everyone is happy.


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